Definition, Company Update

Zenko's Vision


October 24, 2023

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

We are currently experiencing the Fourth Industrial Revolution, propelled by several major advancements in generative artificial intelligence models. The current technological landscape is rich in opportunities, but also in missed opportunities. Our mission is to make this profound change accessible and understandable for everyone, enabling people to recognize and embrace the immense opportunities it presents.

Current Problem

The current market, flooded with constantly evolving technologies, is complex to navigate. Companies are often trapped in outdated systems, lagging behind technological advancements.

The rapid growth of technology creates a widening gap between innovations and their effective integration by businesses.

Despite an era rich in technological advancements, the gap between these advancements and their implementation is a major challenge. This gap, between potential and practical application, is both an obstacle and an opportunity that Zenko aims to seize.

Zenko World

The Zenko platform combines artificial intelligence, blockchain, and the metaverse to create a secure and transparent system.

This represents a paradigm shift in the digital landscape, where users are empowered to shape their own destiny and contribute significantly to a global community.

  • The Ecosystem

    Our ecosystem, Zenko World, represents a revolutionary fusion of AI models, games, metaverse and blockchain technologies.

    This synergistic ecosystem is designed to foster an organized online movement, enabling individuals to leverage emerging opportunities rather than being left behind by the exponential pace of innovation.

  • Shared Economy

    The synergy between the OCSAs, the Soul Bound Token, and the AIAs forms the backbone of Zenko, allowing users to actively participate in the platform's growth while reaping potential financial rewards and significant changes in their daily lives.

  • Soul Bound Token

    At the heart of the Zenko experience are fundamental elements: the User Profile / Business Profile (Soul Bound Token). This profile, or the Online Experience Accumulator, acts as a digital certificate that encapsulates a user's achievements and interactions within the Zenko ecosystem. It serves as a tangible representation of a person's journey and growth on the platform.

  • OCSA

    The OCSAs (On Chain Smart Assets) are the digital representation of the different research and development departments within Zenko, allowing users to financially and individually position themselves in these areas of research and innovation.